The Secret The Top 1% Use To Get 75% of Their Business From Their Database 

(Without a huge network or spending all their valuable time!)


How to Properly Build a Client Relationship.

  • How I sent one email to my database and was able to generate 25 FB reviews. 

  • How to train your database to behave in a way that is beneficial to you and your business. 

  • How to use your database, to build your email list. (It sounds crazy, but it works.) 

  • What to send, to nearly double the industry open rate. 

  • Why sending interest rate sheets don't work. And what to send instead. 

  • AND how often you need to send emails to maximize engagement and increase referrals. 

Presented By Scott Peckford

Scott Peckford has been originating loans for 12 years and is the founder of the, "I Love Mortgage Brokering" podcast. The #1 downloaded mortgage podcast on the planet. 

2019 Cake Marketing Inc.